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There is a small and very poor Christian community in Chebrole, India. The village has 32 Families including 28 Children. They are cared for by Pastor Sudhakar  Mallapu, His wife, His newly ordained son John Babu Mallapu, Pastor's daughter Mary and her newly wed husband. Because they are Christians in a predominately Hindu Country, they receive absolutely no aid from the government.  Christians are the lowest of the low in the Caste system of India. Your help is desperately needed. They are unable able to buy the large bags of rice that they need- to mix with the vegetables they are able to grow when it is not rainy season.  The families live in large tents, many of which get swamped and destroyed during the monsoon rains. These families are in dire need of simple medicines such as anti-fungal creams, first aid kits thermometers etc. As well as flip flops for the children, many of whom have no shoes at all and tend to grow infections on their feet. The biggest need is for Bibles and school supplies. The Pastor has a tiny church, consisting of one large room on the first floor, and another on the second floor which they built by themselves ( will post a video of them building by hand) in which His family teaches English, math, music and Jesus. They also feed the children daily and the villagers when they are able. Just 100 will feed the entire village for a month or close to it.  I will post Scripture and progress reports here weekly. Along with pictures of the people and Pastor's family as they work to house the elderly as well as children in the rainy season. 100 USD is equivalent to 7743.37 Rupees.  Every time you buy me a coffee, I will put it together with whatever I can and send it to them.  Or you can go send money directly to Pastor John Babu Mallapu through Paypal to @johnbabumallapu God bless and keep you.  

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