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Tilly Berendt

Tilly Berendt

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Roving equestrian journalist, trawling the country in an indiscriminately filthy Peugeot to bring you the hottest content the eventing industry has to offer. Fuelled by lattes.

Welcome! If you're here, there's a chance you've come across my work (and, I hope, enjoyed it) - perhaps you're an Eventing Nation aficionado, or you've read my pieces in Horse&Rider, Noelle Floyd, The Chronicle of the Horse, The Telegraph, Untacked, British Horse, British Eventing Life, PONY, Shopkins magazine (yeah, had to throw a curveball in there, that was a thing I worked on), and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. 

Or maybe you just saw my Cosmopolitan feature and feel a deep, unshakeable sadness that I once dated a man who now wears hot dog shirts. That's cool, too. If pity pays for the coffees, then so be it. 

Either way, if you know my work, you know I spend my life on the road in pursuit of the hottest stories for my fellow eventing fans. If you've enjoyed what you've read, chuck a coffee my way! (Not literally.)

Jo Johnson - Training Barn bought Tilly Berendt a coffee.

Hi Tilly, Thank you for all you insightful information today. It's been a really big help and it will really help me vamp up my social media activity . Enjoy xx

Thank you, Jo - delighted to help! Lovely to meet you and best of luck with everything . xx

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Josie bought Tilly Berendt 5 coffees.

The form guides, the hashtags, the trot up write ups, the Game of Thrones references - Tilly, you are a national treasure! 

Thank you so much, Josie! ..

Tim Harper bought Tilly Berendt 2 coffees.

I leave my phone in a cupboard between 7am and 7.30am because I know that's when HSBC send those messages to magic up some money for them so I know how you're feeling. Faith/hope is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. Keep doing your thing. 

Thank you so much, Tim. Eloquent and generally pretty bloody wonderful. 

Starr bought Tilly Berendt a coffee.

Thank you, Starr! .

James bought Tilly Berendt a coffee.

Hope you get sorted soon, but in the meantime keep up the great work! Jx

Thank you, James! .

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Just because I cannot buy a coffee in person! Xx

Nico Morgan bought Tilly Berendt a coffee.

Have I ever told you that you're my fave. You're my fave. #buzzinnnnn