I decided to create a small modding application for the game SOMA in order to make the modding processor easier, and so I created the SOMA Mod Manager.

This simple application makes it easier to manage and configure your SOMA mods, ultimately making your modding process easier. No need to mess with XML and CFG files anymore. Everything is in one place and can easily be changed.


  • Add or create new mod entries for easy management.

  • Edit mod information: Name, Author, Description, Thumbnail Photo and Mod Type.

  • Add or create new mod entries for easy management.

  • Manage mod dependencies with ease.

  • Sync your mod to the Level Editor: If your mod has any custom assets, the level editor will automatically load it after it's synced.

  • Create a custom mod debug launch file that will load your mod with your custom script and assets.

Open Source

This application is open source. It means you can contribute it if you feel like adding a cool new feature! You can find the source code here.