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Hi! 👋 I'm Tim and I'm a content creator from Paris. I’ve worked as a web developer and technical director for years and at one point in I decided I wanted to share the insights about my work with our community.

Working on high stakes projects for global brands is cool and all but you also have to give back a bit. I now focus on creating content about web development topics and soft skills for people of all levels.

I truly enjoy doing community driven work and people seem to like what I have to say. I'm a lucky duck!

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I'm committed to delivering a new video every week! These videos don't just appear, they are A LOT of work. I want to always get you the best content and this takes a bunch of time. I also need the right gear to keep delivering high production quality.

If you decide to sponsor me I will love you forever! 😘 All donations will go right back into the content creation efforts. I'll use the money to buy audio/video/light gear. Or, I will try out paid services for the Tim Tries video series. Or, I will use the money to travel to conferences so that the organizers can spend money on the conference itself rather than on me. So many options!

If you read this far, you are awesome. 🙏 😘