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Hey Folks! 

Thanks for taking time out to visit my new page. I know that new funding platforms can be a bit daunting, but I promise that I won't steal all your cash! In fact you don't even have to donate to follow my progress!

As you probably know, I am leaving Central Asia and will be moving to the USA to live and work as well as to marry the lovely Angela! While this means the end of this time physically in Central Asia, I am convinced that this is the next step of God's plan for my life. It was not at all what I expected to be the next chapter, but I am excited for this new challenge and I'm trusting that God is at work in me and through me.

This is not a straightforward process and it means that there will be a period where I will probably not be able to work. If you are happy to continue to support me as I go through this massive transition, please would you consider continuing to financially support me at least initially as I move from Central Asia and plan to move to the USA.

This would ease the financial burden, especially with the costs of applying for the visas and initial finances as I will not be able to officially work when I eventually arrive!

I plan to use this page to publish updates and videos as I go through this crazy journey, and hope it will be a useful resource as you join me in prayer!

There are two ways to be financially involved. 1st is to 'Buy Me A Coffee' (Supporters) which os a one off payment that is measured in 'coffee' (£4 per coffee). the second way is to become a member, a monthly plan. For privacy reasons, more personal blog posts will be only available to members or supporters, guaranteeing that these posts are not accessible by the general public. 

Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like more info!