There’s growing popularity in the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) as a supplement. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and it doesn’t have the psychotropic high of THC. This herb has a substantial positive impact on your wellbeing and general health. Fortunately, you can consume CBD through vape pen, capsule, and as an edible. Below is a roundup of the 8 key benefits of using CBD edibles.

Long-lasting relief

CBD edibles offer long-lasting relief compared to smoking cannabis or vaping CBD oil. The effects of CBD edibles take shape after about 30 minutes to two hours. Fortunately, the resultant effects last longer compared to other options like inhalation. The edibles have an active compound that combines with other foodstuffs. CBD is released slowly over a long period just like digesting food leading to long lasting experience. Actually, CBD edibles last for about two to four hours longer than when inhaled.


Another wonderful thing about CBD edibles is not causing a psychotropic high despite being a cannabis compound. The edibles give consumers a mellow mood uplift that comes with feeling positive with alerted energy. For their long-lasting feature, CBD edibles offer prolonged relief from regular stresses and mild pains. It makes edibles a great option when looking forward to enjoying the benefits of cannabis free from over-the-top psychoactive effects.

Available online

It’s so easy to find CBD edibles near me online. You can conveniently order CBD edibles to meet your expectations. Consider visiting The Vitamin Hippo online. These are derived from high-quality hemp grown for fiber and seed. When buying edibles online, you just have to browse through the range of options available and select products to add to the cart. This is possible regardless of time and place and your order will be dispatched safely to your location in the shortest time possible.