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I'm based in the Philippines, but like to radiate all around. I'm a TEFL-certified English teacher with experience teaching adults and children online. I'm raising funds to complete a short film called Putik Abril (April Mud) about my family and the destructive nature of film shoots.

We need 700,000 PHP (~14k USD) to shoot the film. This covers the wages of the 35+ cast and crew, insurance, transportation, covid-related medical supplies (including free testing), living costs during the shoot, healthy meals, and of course production costs (props, location rental, equipment, etc).

We received some funds through the SGIFF SEA-Shorts Grant, however we still need about 56% to provide safe and comfortable working conditions for our cast and crew. 40% of our budget consists of crew wages alone. I can provide you with a receipt and description of where exactly your money goes following its completion.

Synopsis: April Mud follows Cora who returns to her provincial hometown with a film crew to shoot a military drama, with promises of bringing more business to the area. Realising too late the disruption this causes, she and her team do their best to mitigate problems before the last shot of the evening.

You can see some test images here: April Mud Webpage


With donations of $10 or more I will send you a poster or print from the film! I'll message you for details.

In return, I can also send you a poster from the film, assist you with video editing, proofreading, IELTS or TOEFL speaking coaching, read stories to your children, help organize, outline, write out your project (esp those with ADHD), write academic papers, prepare business presentations, and provide consultations about moving to the United States. 


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