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JAYLAND WALKER HOAX CODE: The Desk of Tim Ozman 7/16/22

Jul 16, 2022

Today is 7/16/2022, the 23rd anniversary of the death hoax of JFK Jr. and the release of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. (My suspicion is that Kubrick directed both the death of JFK Jr. and Eyes Wide Shut, in which Tom Cruise plays a character based on a death-faking JFK Jr. (see for more on this "Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick And The JFK Jr. Death Hoax" http://www.chartword.com/2015/02/eyes-wide-shut-stanley-kubrick-and-jfk.html)

I discussed this and how it ties into the new story with Jayland Walker's death at the hands of 8 officers that fired 90 rounds, 46 of which struck the ski-mask-wearing Uber driver.

Jayland Walker shot 46 times and 8 minutes, think George Floyd 8 minutes and 46 seconds, matching the 9/11 time stamp when it all began at 8:46 am.

There is a lot happening, all of it good. I tried to catch up on everything in today's Infinite Plane Saturnday metascript-breakdown. Anything we missed will be touched upon tonight, live.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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