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RussianVids Self-Styled Witch-Hunter vs Hi-Impact Flix: From The Desk of Tim Ozman 11-3-21

Nov 03, 2021

In a video entitled "Proof" I'm a FREEMASON from RV "'TRUTH" (linked below), content creator Hi-Impact Flix analyzes the criticisms and accusations leveled at him by RussianVids.

RussianVids is like a one-man Inquisition on a mission to purge the "Truther" community of bad actors. For the most part, he's gone unchallenged and truthers have trusted his judgment for years. He "calls out" the bad guys as a sort of public service.

However, this time, he may have attacked the wrong Youtuber: Hi-Impact Flix. RussianVid's chosen means of attack is to invoke the authority of  Gematria calculators to call people "shills", "dirtbags", and "freemasons" without evidence. 

His WWE-type call-outs are purely to gain subs by discrediting other channels.  Speaking of wrestling, he somehow gets away with using Roddy Piper's faces as an avatar. 

I'm starting to suspect that he's mostly a jealous career Youtuber with sub-envy. 

RussianVids even attacks Hi-Impact Flix for speaking well. Why attack someone over an admirable trait?  This is not a strike against one's character. 

He goes after "Media Bear" for criticizing his divisive tactics, dismissing him as a "wimp".  He delusionally suggested grabbing Hi-Impact Flix by the ankles and swinging him around. Again, I think someone may be confusing his Internet avatar for his actual person. RussianVids is no Rowdy Roddy Piper.

By calling people out, he arrogantly imagines he's deciding their fate: it's his way or the highway.  He even doxxes Hi-Impact Flix as "the mason Brian Young with the Low-Impact Flix", a dig which is more indication that RussianVids is likely operating from a place of envy. By the way, doxxing is considered to be a tactic of intimidation employed by MSM-types, Antifa, and stalkers.

At one point, Brian from High-Impact Flix seemed to lament the fact things aren't really repairable: "I don't know man I wish we could build Bridges even with this guy wish we could build Bridges but it's going to be dishonest with me, but..."


* Many of the standard RussianVids holds others to are not upheld by Richie From Boston, such as wearing backward hats or making hand signs that RussianVids deems evil.

* RussianVids is an anonymous person using MSM tactics to force his version of events, like the way he shamed Media Bear. 

* Gematria Calculators on the Internet are not evidence of wrongdoing by someone on account of the numerical value of their names as calculated by ancient Sumerian astrologers, Jewish Kabbalists, Qanoners, or Wiccans.

In summary, RussianVids is probably out of ideas, much like his backward-hat-wearing, masonic hand-sign-making buddy Richie From Boston. They have nothing else to do but police the community in hopes of attracting subscribers by making them paranoid about other content creators.

Tim Ozman


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