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--- Indie Author Support ---

Thanks for dropping by! 

As an indie author myself, I have had to rapidly learn the skills involved in writing, publishing and marketing a novel. I have made loads of mistakes along the way, so maybe I can help new writers to avoid some of the worst pitfalls?

Self-publishing and book promotion is not for the faint-hearted, but to see your new book for sale online or in your bookstore makes it all worth it in the end.

If you have a book in you, then just go for it!  Find the time. Write notes, doodle, scribble on anything to hand, scribble on your hand if you must. But keep those raw ideas somewhere safe for when you are ready to start.

There is no getting around it. Book promotion will be an ongoing task if you self-publish. I have spent countless hours blundering around the internet on fruitless marketing pursuits. I am still refining the best ways to promote my first book and plan to do some things a little differently for the sequel.

Hopefully I can help to save you a bit of frustration along the way by offering some pointers.

For new authors, to reach out to me please message me via my website's contact page selecting Indie Author Support and I will email you back. No spam, please.

Best regards,