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Hi 👋. I’m Tim Yeo.

Being an introverted designer in a world that desires extroverts is hard.

Hence, my focus is to mentor:

- introverted designers

- introverted design leaders

- design leaders (extrovert/ambivert) who manage introverts

My goal is to help introverts operate successfully in a world that desires extroverts.

I’d love to hear challenges you face and, where I can, offer practical techniques you can apply to manage your own introversion or to get the best out of your introverted team.

These sessions are free of charge (but feel free to buy me a coffee if you found the session helpful).

I’d like to offer these sessions to a diverse panel. So please tell me a little about yourself, where you’d like help and I’ll be in touch via email with a calendly link to schedule your first session.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to catching up with you 1:1. 

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