Fund Me A Gemini Cutting Machine

Fund Me A Gemini Cutting Machine

Feb 27, 2021

I've discovered that working with acrylic/perspex plastic is not the easiest. Painting can produce streaks and gaps which are highlighted when held up to the light. Sealing the artwork afterwards to make it durable is also difficult to do.

You just can't create a streak free, smooth finish. I use plastic discs to create keyrings and the Gemini cutting machine would enable me to make professional looking finishes and designs using vinyl and other materials.

It's no good spending money on quality blanks if the finished product is like something your kid would create. This machine would open up so many avenues for me as I also work with wood slices to make hanging decor.

Cutting perfect circles would also be a breeze. Have you ever tried cutting out the hole in paper (decoupage) on a metal washer so it looks snag free? My design ideas would be able to shine with the aid of this machine. If you like what I do, would you please help me buy this?

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