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A little about me...

Apr 28, 2021

Hey Ya'll! 

Here is a little about me and why I enjoy modeling.

As a mixed girl growing up I was very self conscious about my features and my hair texture. I did not feel pretty and I did not fit in. I always wanted to model but felt I needed to change how I looked to do so. As more representation happened, I realized I had a unique beauty of my own and began to accept myself. I love to create and honestly don't care what the industry beauty standards are anymore! It's about enjoying myself and adding value to creative projects.

I am an Air Force brat and Veteran. I grew up moving around and honestly enjoy being able to reinvent myself each time. Modeling and acting has always been a passion of mine and through the years I have been fortunate enough to realize my dream. Many changes have happened in my life this year and I plan on making the next chapter even more magical!

I hope you can appreciate and enjoy my passion with me.

PhotoCredit: Taeleen Woodard https://www.taeleenwoodard.com//about

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