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A tribe of indie makers helping each other to ship products.

👋, We are a tiny team of indiepreneurs who are working interdependently to fund our selves through the projects we ship.
@Tom_Whitt bought 5 coffees.


Thank you 🍵

@khpavle bought 3 coffees.

Moshi Moshi is fun, thx for making!

Thanks for using it, we are working on some more update this week!

@DrHaberek bought a coffee.

Awesome, great work

Thank you 😊 

@jmuller bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for making it so easy

Thank you for using it. 😊 

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Props out folks, nicely done, god knows, could actually move some people to war masks in RL 🚀

That's the hope, if one person was convinced to where a mask because of this, then it was worth it. 😷