Grades 3-6

1 - Barn Owls are found on every continent except Antarctica.

2 - A Barn Owl's head can turn about 180 degrees.

3 - Barn Owl feathers are very soft, but they are not waterproof.

4 - Barn Owls can fly without creating a sound.

5 - Barn Owls sleep during the day and hunt for food at night.

6 - The Barn Owl's sharp eyesight and acute hearing allow it to locate food under heavy snow in total darkness.

7 - Barn Owls do not hoot; they screech.

8 - Barn Owls eat mostly rats, mice, shrews, and voles.

9 - Barn Owls eat 1½ times their own weight every day.

10 - When a Barn Owl is one year old, it will find its mate, and they will stay together for life.

– Information compiled by the Tiny Pocket Press staff

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