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A diagnosis of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or ME is often experienced as a life sentence that we are told we just have to learn how to cope with.

As someone who is a long way down the road to full recovery, I can testify that it is possible to recover and that being outdoors is a key part of healing.

On my website I share my experience of healing through nature and gardening in my regular blogs.  I also share tips and ideas to help you grow and heal regardless of your energy levels or situation.

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The Tired Gardener

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Thank you Alison. I absolutely love your blogs, they are just beautiful. I shall look at my weeds anew!!

Thank you. I don't know if  you've seen my Managing Weeds page.  I write more about how we view and understand weeds there. 😊

Rosie Haysom
Rosie Haysom bought a coffee.

Just beautiful Alison and I love the coffee cup idea. Rosie x

Thank you Rosie.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you!

Someone bought a coffee.

Having a twitter break (it is far too depressing) but wanted to check in on your inspiring progress and wonderful tips. It has cheered me up nicely, hope you're soon able to see the fruits of your paced labour 😊 In the meantime, enjoy spring days and hope!

Thank you so much.  I'm glad I can bring some cheer.

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I totally understand the frustration of people in your space. I feel this so much with my son, living in his room, xboxing or frittering time. The fact that his doing nothing useful a lot irritates me so often makes me feel bad as its the whole always got to be doing that has caused this mess we are in!! My yarden (paved with shed and one huge long very raised garden) has been rather hijacked by puppy and diy partner. Waiting for a strong day to tackle it. I love writing too. I've been in a big block recently but hoping it will pass soon. I have a story I'd like turn into a kids book. I love the idea of buying a cuppa for you. Such a great idea to help the coffers xxx

Thank you so much. Writing gives me energy when I'm feeling low. Maybe some writing would help you too, even if it's just scribbling those ideas down for now.  I felt brilliant this morning just because I created a folder called 'Blog book' which made it seem a real possibility.  (It does have a Word file with some scribblings in too)

Yes, I need to give it a whirl again. You do get a sense of achievement for sure xx