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The TIREDGIRL Society is a free App supporting women with chronic illness, mental health, and disability by providing a safe and positive online space.

Help us keep the App and the community open, growing and improving. By supporting us you are helping thousands of women around the world connect, share and belong in a space that understands and celebrates the strength of women living with chronic illness, mental health and disability.  The App provides a safe and inclusive social network where women can take part in social clubs, events, support groups, and projects online without pressure of judgment to reach past their comfort point both physically and mentally.

The TIREDGIRL Society is self-funded and run by Abby, who is a mum, wife and full time TIREDGIRL. Abby lives with chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression and pcos.  She launched The TIREDGIRL Society in 2018 which quickly grew into a thriving online community helping women every day feel less alone, understood and part of a community that cares.

Someone bought a coffee.