Sep 22, 2022

MDS 2 Snippet: Metaltango "Motion of the Ocean"

If anyone asked about my romantic life, I always told them that Sheila was my first serious partner. I met her when I was getting my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and we stayed together throughout my time at the Police Academy. I had already bought the ring and planned to propose when she broke up with me, uninterested in being the wife of a cop in a small city.If anyone asked about my sex life, I told them it was none of their business. I never told anyone about the boy from... more

Sep 19, 2022

Metaltango Snippet: "Chained to Your Side"

Final part of the Love is a Battlefield is in progress! Whoo!They tried to make the small city of Milton, with its population of 50,000, into another sacrifice. Another Harvardville Airport. Another Penamstan.Another fucking Raccoon City.For once in Leon Kennedy’s damned life, though, he was fast enough. Smart enough. For once, his determination meant something. The people of Milton, all 50,000, continued to live out their lives, oblivious and untouched and safe, and to Leon, that was... more

Sep 11, 2022

Revalink WIP: "The Longest Night" Ch. 10

“She’s talking to you.”Revali refused to allow those words or Link’s absence frazzle him. He refused. He was more than the Rito Champion now. He had earned the title of Master even if it hadn’t been formally granted. He was stronger than this. He was greater.As such, Revali, quite calmly, gathered their things and organized the small… sanctuary, he supposed was a good enough title for the place, if overgenerous. Obviously, he was the more responsible of the... more

Sep 07, 2022

Nivannedy: "Deep Blue Sea"

“Leon, there’s nothing in the water.”“Yes, there is, and it’s going to eat us.”“No, there isn’t, and please put the gun away. You’re making my team nervous.”“Hardison is literally waving his dick at me. Can I shoot it? Looks like a parasite.”“Hey!”Chris Redfield rolled his eyes. Still looking indignant, Hardison scurried into the lake. Leon Kennedy ignored him. He had more important things in mind. Leon kept a... more

Sep 05, 2022

Chreon Commission Fic Snippet: "Shadows in the Closet"

For danvssomethingorother <3It wasn’t supposed to go like this. Not even in Leon Kennedy’s worst nightmares had he imagined this. Leon thought he was used to nightmares, and he spent the entire drive imagining worst case scenarios.Leon was going to drive into Raccoon City, only to be told that there was a mistake. They knew about him and his sordid past and they didn’t want that filth touching their police station. It wouldn’t be Chief Irons who told him that,... more

Sep 05, 2022

Chreon Commission Fic: "Smoke and Illusion"

For Tatsueli. <3For the life of him, Leon Kennedy couldn’t figure out why these assholes always chose castles. For that matter, where were they finding them? Was there a specific realty site online where they shopped? A type of black market where, instead of shopping for weapons, they shopped for castles? Occasionally, Leon asked his husband about it. When Chris Redfield put that wedding ring on his finger, he signed up for sickness and health, possible zombification and 3am... more

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