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Prescription C/D Urinary Cat Food (Pate)

Pictured is my beloved middle kitty's prescription cat food (pate!). She will be on this prescription diet for the rest of her life if we want to avoid months of vet visits (again). She eats dry and can but it's the can which is killing me, as the bag of dry will last for a while but the can is the mandatory main portion of her diet. Otherwise, she develops crystals in her bladder and everything goes to hell. All help keeping her healthy is incredibly appreciated!

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Plane Tickets!

My dad's stem cell transplant for his cancer treatment is scheduled for November 24th! Yay! This is his last chance for treatment. I have tickets bought for November and December to visit him, but in both best and worst case scenarios, there is going to be at least one more visit in January (and in all likelihood, another visit in February, possibly March). Right now, though, just trying to get things set up for the January plane ticket.

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