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Creating art from various video games and pop culture. I cater to and participate in multiple communities and fandoms!

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my content, please consider sending some change my way! My favourite drink is a Dirty Chai.

Don't worry, I will legitimately be using this to buy myself a coffee.

I'm one of those stereotypical artist chicks that likes to sit in hipster cafes, wearing funky outfits and drawing on a digital tablet. Yes I absolutely have a pixie cut and am obsessed with rockabilly clothing, wouldn't of guessed right?

If you'd like to see what I consider my "best work", head over to my art station:

My Artstation Portfolio

If you'd like to see a more consolidated collection of all my work, head over to my website:

My Main Site and Portfolio

I guess I'll go enjoy that coffee ;D

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