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"There is something about a book so brutally honest and depraved that no shop will stock it so for us it's a no" - Direct quote from a potential publisher.

"Nobody buys books about bisexuals" - An agent quote.

So there is this book called This Mad, Sad Bisexual Life that I wrote. It was therapy manifest into a lot of coffee, tea and typing. This book was passed on to friends and found its way to publishers and agents who refused to publish it due it being too 'bisexual' and not being a 'consumable product'. Plus think of the children reading THAT title in Tescos! So it's online for free. If you enjoyed it consider leaving me a tip using this website. And if you hated it consider leaving me a tip too and I might invest in cleaning up my life. Anything you can give is very appreciated and goes to funding the life used to inspire book 2....