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Hey 👋 If you're here, hopefully something I've created has been helpful for you! Buy me a coffee to keep up the hard work :)
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You ASCollectionView library has really heloped me over a frustration in my SwiftUI project! Excellent work!

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man ASCollectionView is such a life-saver for me

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ASCollection is really good stuff, tell me did you ever implement a .contentOffset equivalent? if so can u gimme a quick shout? 

Thank you Jonathan! If you're talking about scrolling to a particular cell using a binding, that is in the works for the next version :D You can already read the content offset using `.onScroll`

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I loved your ASCollectionView library. Very good work man.

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❤️❤️❤️ love your library and hope it gets even better in the future, which is to be expected given the extraordinary level of care you provide for it now