Buy Todd Warner a coffee


I write. I farm. I tech . . . I like coffee!

Hello, folks.

I have my finger in a number of pots. Occasionally, someone asks me how they can thank me or simply donate to The Cause, and I never have a simple "one place" for them to do so. Now I do.

So, if you find my RPM Linux packages valuable (Joplin, rtb, PyChess, IPFS), or similarly, my sysadmin HowTos, a cup of coffee would be a lovely way to say thank you.

I'm also a writer. I blog, I write short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry. There's a novel in progress that I've been forever nudging along and hope to finish before I'm dead. Sign up for my blog to keep an eye on things, and if you like what you see, again, a cup of coffee would be swell. Or just send me a wave and word of encouragement. Any of those things would warm my heart.

Feel free to say hello wherever I lurk on the internet:

Thank you, good people. Cheers to you. -t