Buy Todd Warner a coffee


I write. I farm. I tech . . . I like coffee!

Hello, folks.

I have my finger in a number of pots. Occasionally, someone asks me how they can thank me or simply donate to The Cause, and I never have a simple "one place" for them to do so. Now I do.

So, if you find my RPM Linux packages valuable (Joplin, rtb, PyChess, IPFS), or similarly, my sysadmin HowTos, a cup of coffee would be a lovely way to say thank you.

Also, I have been writing a bit here and there, whether it be my blog, or my published short stories and personal narratives and poetry, or my never-finished novel. I hope to share more in the future. Sign up for my blog to keep an eye on things, and if you like what you see, again, a cup of coffee, or even just a wave and word of encouragement, would warm my heart.

And feel free to say hello wherever I lurk on the internet:

Thank you, good people. Cheers to you. -t