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Lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger from Lithuania helping aspiring entrepreneurs build businesses and live better.

I believe life can be designed and it’s your responsibility to make it a journey of a lifetime. My name is Tomas Laurinavicius, I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger from Lithuania.

I help aspiring entrepreneurs build lifestyle businesses, develop a rock-solid work ethic
and design a high-output lifestyle. If you like my work, you can support me by buying coffee. Thank you!
Laurynas bought a coffee.

Keep up the good work Tomas! Love your newsletters and can't wait to see what 2020 will bring. Good luck in 2020!  Cheers

Thank you so much! Here's to the strong 2020!

Isabella Russi Gallon bought a coffee.

Eres increíble, soy tu fan y te amo con toda mi alma. Un café no compensa lo maravillosa que es tu mente y tu corazón. MERECES MUCHO MAS... <3 

Gracias mi bebe! Te amo con todo mi corazón!

Paul bought a coffee.

As always, I find myself opening every link in your email in a new tab! Thanks!

Thank you so much Paul! I'm getting a flat white today :)

Mariza Karidi bought a coffee.

Thanks for giving me food for thought. Have a nice day! 

Thank you Mariza! Just got myself a cappuccino with coconut milk.

Ed Corack bought 3 coffees.

Tomas, I love your weekly updates on life. They inspire me to take action. [email protected]

Thank you so much Ed! Keep going! .