Buy Tom Donohue a sandwich with egg


Hey 👋 Tom here. Thanks for clicking through.I love writing blogs and tutorials and teaching. And I love it even more when people find my writing and it helps them out. However, writing these articles requires energy. If you would like to contribute towards the calories I expend through writing, then please buy me a sandwich! My favourite sandwich filling is egg mayonnaise, and I think Pret a Manger does the best egg mayo filling. A Pret "free-range egg mayo" sandwich provides 363 kcal of energy. Now according to Harvard Health, a 155-pound person (that's roughly my weight - OK, I'm perhaps *slightly* heavier) burns 51 calories by doing 30 minutes of office work. So, when you buy me an egg sandwich, you're providing me with over 7 x 30-minute chunks of work. That's 3.5 hours! That's enough to write and edit one blog post. Or, spend a long time fiddling around with trying to get text centred in CSS. Anyway, if you want to top up my energy levels so I can keep creating more stuff, please buy me a sandwich using the form on the right. Thankyou! (And if you don't want to donate, that's OK too.)