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Hello and welcome!

I'm a recent computer science graduate based in NYC who enjoys designing and developing software. I'm a full-stack developer but lean more towards the front-end side. I enjoy working with declarative front-end frameworks including Flutter, React, and SwiftUI.

I'm currently working on Frosty, a free and open-source mobile app for that includes support for 7TV, BTTV, and FFZ emotes.

Any kind of non-monetary support (downloading my app, leaving a review, starring my GitHub repo, etc.) is more than enough. If you decide to support me monetarily, it is extremely appreciated and further motivates me to continue working on my projects.

Some other ways you may prefer to support me:

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BTC: bc1qzpth6gc3vum764lat6a8ul7cmekwles58070a6

ETH: 0x317b5930fc2898884f711016dCae79d24910888E

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! ❤️