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Hello Friends! My name is Dr. Tony Rizzo, PhD.  I am creating videos to encourage others to live a life of success.  There are many things one needs to know to grow in success.  It is not just about making money.  But how to live a life wholistic in every area.  Our channel Tony & Friends encourages people to grow within themselves and to learn what living a successful life is all about.

We have many videos on letting the Lord Jesus Christ work in your life.  We also show the destruction of drugs and other addictions that are going on in the inner city of Philadelphia.  We are helping each person we meet in the streets as we come in contact with them,  Could you please help us to continue to reach out to these many people and also help us make more inspiring videos. 

Possibly you could buy me a coffee and become a monthly team member to help us with the mission of helping others in the inner city and developing inspiring videos.