Buy Tony D'Orazio for LNC Chair a coffee for liberty


My LPedia page calls me a “Libertarian Party activist” (no, I didn’t write that) and I find it flattering, but it only tells part of the story.

I began my Libertarian journey in 1996, when I was party shopping and came across the Libertarian Party of New York and decided one evening to call them.  Imagine my surprise when the Vice-Chair answered the phone!  We talked for an hour about Harry Browne and that woman – Dottie-Lou Brokaw – made a Libertarian for life.  Since then, I’ve been an advocate for the Libertarian Party and libertarianism in general.

I am currently the First Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, and had previously served as Chair of the state party and an At-Large Committee Member before that. I’ve also been active at the county level – I served as vice-chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party for three years.

I am also presently a member of the LNC IS Committee, leveraging my professional career as an IT executive consultant for institutions of higher education.

I’ve also twice been a candidate.  In 2018, I ran a race for Town Justice in my small town of East Rochester, NY.  In 2016, I was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for United States Congress, in the 25th District of New York.  Working behind the scenes on a campaign is also not foreign to me – I have served on many campaigns, most notably as Deputy Director of Development – a fundraising role – on the Larry Sharpe for Governor campaign, where I bridged a gap between the social media and fundraising teams, and allowed us to most effectively target our fundraising initiatives. On other campaigns, I have served in public relations, policy, and canvassing roles.

I look forward to all the conversations you and I will have as I earn your support for the office of Chair of the LNC.