Attention spans seem to be getting shorter. The media sound bites are truly bite sized. Even advertisements are shorter. Do the powers that be in media and advertising really think that we can't handle things that would cause a second or third brain cell to fire? Apparently, they do think that. However, I am inclined to believe that us humans are really capable of the deep think.

People write novels. I saw Hillary Clinton wrote one recently using a co-author. How much Hillary wrote versus how much the co-author wrote is not relevant to what the final product represents: the reader has to slog through this incredibly complex piece of writing. Not too long ago, Steven King wrote a massive time called The Dome. Man, try slogging through that! Yet, many of us did just that. And, these books are intended to be read at your liesure (i.e. your free time that won't then be spent on other more fruitful things).

Thus, some of us who are artists or creative people of one stripe or another not only hope you will be able to handle the complexity and intensity of our work, we actually expect you to have a pleasant and enjoyable time while doing so! Thus, the mere existence of a novel or board game says a lot about how we feel about the capabilities of our fellow man and woman. We artists hold the people that use our creative products as our equal. The existence of a media sound bite says that they don't think much of your capacity.

Me? I believe we can still think! Look at my products. I have some cool books on Amazon at These books are for people to think! I have invented some games at The Game Crafter site at Once there, just put my name Tony Berard in the search box to see all of my games.

Due to some problems in my personal life, I must work two jobs to make ends meet. If I can get enough coffee on here, I could quit one of my jobs. Then, I could divert more of my soul into my work.

Thus, I ask if you want a major creative talent (yes, that's me) to reach his potential, please consider getting me some coffee. Thanks. In return, I will supply you with powerful products to get you thinking!!