I often have questions about the membership and the premium access on my websites, so it seems that it is sometimes a bit confusing... and you're right!

So let's clarify all this here! 🧐



✔️ TL;DR - The essential

First you should read the official FAQ from buymeacoffee:


This contains usefull informations for you, including how-to cancel your membership subscription from your buymeacofee dashboard.


Then, all the most important things you have to know should be explained quickly below (read this whole FAQ to get more details):


☕ About "supporters"


✔️ You can "buy me a coffee" : you support me on a one-time basis.

This WILL NOT give you a permanent premium access on tooliphone's services

Choose the "Support" tab on the widget
You'll have to pay only one time for the amount of your support

 ‍  ‍ 

✔️ After becoming a supporter, I give you a premium access for 1 month to tooliphone.net websites, to thank you.

You need to click the "1 month premium reward link" you should see after supporting me

This premium access will be active for one month only.
Then you'll not have premium privileges anymore.

 ‍  ‍ 

👑 About "membership" & "premium access"


✔️ You can "become a member" : you support me on a monthly or yearly basis.

This WILL GIVE YOU a user account on buymeacofee.com


This WILL ALLOW YOU to activate your premium access on tooliphone.net

Choose "Membership" tab on the widget
You'll have to pay every month or year, until you "cancel your membership" (details below in the FAQ).


✔️ After becoming a member, you're NOT automatically a premium user on my tooliphone's websites.

1/ Log-in to your member's account on buymeacoffee.com

2/ Visit this post

3/ Click the activation link inside it to activate your premium access on tooliphone.net

Your premium access will then be active for one month.
Then you'll need to reactivate it each month (details below in the FAQ).

 ‍ ‍ 

✔️ Once you activate your premium access (see above), you have access to the exclusive premium privileges and features on my tooliphone's websites.

Here is the list of premium privileges:


This list will be updates each time I develop new premium features.

If you don't manage to get access to these privileges whereas you are a member and activated your premium account (like described above), please contact me so we can solve this problem!

 ‍  ‍

✔️ You need to reactivate your premium access each month to keep your premium access active on tooliphone.net websites.

Repeat the procedure described above to activate your account :

1/ Log-in to your member's account

2/ Visit this post

3/ Click the activation link inside it

So even if you subscribed yearly, you have to do that every month (click the link) but of course you don't have to pay more, you're still a member (who can click on this link) for a year! This is a way to check that you are still an active member (details below in the FAQ).

 ‍  ‍

✔️ You have a buymeacoffee member account

Once a member on buymeacoffee, you have an account where you can manage your subscriptions to creators.

Go to https://www.buymeacoffee.com/

Then click the "log in" button

⚠️ Don't forget to use the same email address than the one you used when subscribing!

 ‍ ‍  ‍

✔️ You can unsubscribe when you want!

Check this official buymeacoffee FAQ to get the procedure to cancel your membership.

You'll loose your premium privileges at the end of the current subscription period, but if you made empty icons or custom icons, you will keep them, they will not "disappear"! ‍ 

So you can for example subscribe monthly to become a member, use the service for a few months to make your cool homescreen layout, and then unsubscribe when you're done. And you can then subscribe again if you want to later!

⚠️Unsubscribe means that you stop the recurring payments, but this will NOT refund the payments you already did.

💡 If you don't manage to activate your premium access or if you think you didn't had the promised rewards, don't hesitate to contact me before you unsubscribe! This can be a confusion about how to use the service we can solve by talking together! :-)

 ‍  ‍

✔️ You don't need to be a premium user to use the tooliphone's services.

Being premium will remove ads and give you access to "comfort features" that will make the process of adding empty or custom icons smoother / easier / quicker.

You can achieve to do almost the same thing at the end without being premium... but this will be less "user friendly"!

 ‍  ‍  ‍

✔️ You can pay using Paypal or your credit card (using "Stripe" integration)

So you should be able to subscribe from many countries in the world.

⚠️ When subscribing, you pay for the subscription amount PLUS the credit card or transaction fees taken by the payment service (Paypal or Stripe)

This is usually a few cents.

 ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍ 

 ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍ 

💡 Please remember this!


By subscribing as my member on buymeacoffee.com, you don't « pay to buy some features », you choose to « support my work because you like it » and want to « encourage me to maintain the services and add new features ».

To thank you back, I reward you by removing all ads and with an exclusive access to some premium features.

You're my SUPPORTER, not my customer..

This difference MATTERS to me! 🙂



📝 Glossary


or BMC in short!

The name of this service where supporters (like YOU) can help creators (like ME) by giving them some money, to reward their work and help to develop and maintain the service.

I use BMC to deal with subscription and payments stuff, so I don't have to develop such things by myself. So I'll keep my time to develop new features for tooliphone websites, thanks to your financial support.


  • Supporter

You supported me on a one time basis here on BMC, by buying me a virtual cup of coffee (choosing the "Support" tab on my BMC page).

You won't have any reward in feedback.


  • Member

You supported me on a recurring basis here on BMC, by paying a monthly or yearly subscription (choosing the "Membership" tab on my BMC page).

You will have these rewards in feedback.

The most popular reward is to get a premium access to all my tooliphone.net websites.


  • Premium user

You're an active member that activated its premium access clicking the activation link from this post.


You're a normal user that get a special premium link to have a temporary premium access.


  • Premium access

These privileges you have when using my tooliphone.net services while being a premium user.


  • Tooliphone's services

My websites hosted on tooliphone.net, that allows you some kind of customization of your iOS device without jailbreak, using some "tricks".

These services are :

  • iEmpty, to get some empty icons and empty text

  • iCustom, to create app shortcuts using your own custom icon

  • iSkin, to install at once predefined app shortcuts using custom icons made by the community into some "themes"



Which privileges do I have as a premium user ?


All premium privileges are listed here on this premium information page.


In short, being premium will remove ads gives you access to some "comfort" features that will make the process easier / better / faster to use.

But you don't "need to" be premium to use the tooliphone's services.



How to become a member ?


Everything is clearly explained here:



1/ Support me on BMC

Go to my buymeacoffe page and support me on a monthly or yearly basis.

Note: you will have to pay for the subscription + the Paypal credit card fees (usually a few cents)


2/ You're now a member!

You will receive an email from buymeacoffee.com and you can now log-in as a member and see private member's only posts.



👑 How to become a premium user?


Once you are a member on BMC, you need to activate your premium access on my tooliphone's websites.


1/ Log-in to your buymeacoffee.com account

Use the email / password you provided when subscribing.

or ask to "email a login link" if you forgot your password...


2/ Activate your premium access

Visit this member's only post on BMC, and click the activation link provided inside it.

You need to do that from the device (iPhone, iPad, ...) where you want to be premium and use my websites, like iEmpty.


You'll be redirected to this premium information page saying that you are now a premium user.

Beware that you're NOT currently using Safari "private browsing mode", or you won't be premium anymore when leaving the private browsing session.


💡 Tip! You can check if you are currently a premium user on all tooliphone.net websites if you can see the full yellow crown logo in the website header.



🔄 Premium access renewal (each month)


Once you're a member and after you activate your premium access, you'll see a message saying that "your premium access will be active for a period of about 30 days", and that after this delay "it needs to be reactivated".


Indeed, as an active member on BMC, I ask you to regularly "reactivate" your premium access on my websites, to check that your subscription is still active.

Reactivate the premium access


Click the activation link provided to you inside this member's only post


I know this can be confusing, particularly if you subscribed yearly...

Don't worry in that case:

  • you're still a member for a year as you paid for (you don't have to pay something else each month)

  • you just need to click the activation link provided here again!


Keep in mind that buymeacoffee.com (the place where you pay/subscribe) and tooliphone.net (the place where you use the services and want to be premium) are not linked to each other...

So unfortunately you have to regularly do some actions, allowing me to know that "you can have premium privileges".

Indeed, monthly subscribers can stop their subscription when they want to. And I have no way to know if you are a monthly or a yearly subscriber when you come on my tooliphone.net websites...



🚨 Special case about renewal:

You can also in certain situations get a temporary premium access (for 1 month for example) without "becoming a member" (thanks to a link I sent you directly).

In this case you'll have the premium privileges for a limited period of time only.

After this period, you'll not have the premium access anymore and it can't be reactivated



Cancel your membership

 ‍  ‍

When you "cancel your membership" on buymeacoffee, this means that you cancels the subscription renewal.

So at the end of the current subscription period (30 days for monthly subscriptions or 365 days for yearly subscriptions), you'll not be charged again.

Your membership will effectively end at this time, so you'll no longer have access to the members-only posts (and you won't be able to reactivate your premium access on my websites).


But cancelling your membership will NOT automatically refund you for the payments already done.

If you really made a mistake by subscribing and want me to refund you, you'll need to contact me and ask for a Paypal refund.

This must be done ONLY in case you made a mistake or regret your subscription quickly after you pay it. If you already used the service as a premium user, I should not accept to refund you.



More help resources


Buy me a coffee provides a nice FAQ with plenty of usefull things, like how to practically cancel your membership and many other usefull things!


Check this supporters specific FAQ:



And then also the global BMC help center:




✉️ Contact


For questions / problems related to the Buy me a coffee website, the membership, the payments, ...

Contact the BMC support team


For questions / problems related to TooLiPHoNe.NeT website, the premium access, ...

Contact me