You know that thing when you halfway design something but you can't quite get it right so you put it down for a day... and then forget about it for a year? Well, I came across a sketch deep in my saved charts a few weeks ago and finished it just in time to release this as a Pride month freebie. My pronouns are she/her but I'll be stitching this as charted because #representationmatters. It's only 40x38 so it stitches up super quickly - and I definitely have more than a few options for fabric since it can fit on a scrap piece of linen or aida.

I'm not selling this chart, but if you enjoy stitching it, please consider making a donation to an organization that supports the LGBT community. Any "coffees" purchased on this page through July 31, 2021 will be donated to the Trans Justice Funding Project.


Abby & Jam