Coach Lim Do-heon of the Men's Volleybal ...

Coach Lim Do-heon of the Men's Volleyball Team

Oct 12, 2023

[Asian Games] Volleyball Coach Lim Do-heon "I Have Nothing to Say... I Lacked Skills"

Coach Lim Do-heon of the men's volleyball team, who faced the shocking result of being eliminated before the Hangzhou Asian Games even opened, looked depressed and said, "I have nothing to say."

Korea, led by Coach Lim, lost to Pakistan with a set score of 0-3 in the round of 12 tournament held at the Chinese Lighthouse Sports Center Gymnasium in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China on the 22nd.

Korea, which needed a win to continue its challenge for the gold medal, fell to the 7th to 12th place match. 토토사이트

A disastrous result awaited the Korean national team: no medals at the Asian Games for the first time in 61 years since the 1962 Jakarta Games, and an end to the medal record at consecutive competitions (14 times in a row).

Coach Lim said, “This is our level of skill in international competitions,” and added, “We really need to prepare a lot in the future.”

He predicted that it will be difficult to improve the international competitiveness of Korean volleyball, which has fallen to the bottom, in a short period of time.

Coach Lim said, “Jeon Kwang-in (Hyundai Capital)’s ankle was not good, and Jeong Ji-seok (Korean Air) was also in poor condition after coming to Hangzhou,” but dismissed it, saying, “All these stories are just excuses.”

He added, "We had no choice but to play a difficult game against India and Pakistan due to the imbalance between the left and right wings," and "It was also inevitable that our middle blockers were weak."

Jeong Ji-seok, Korea's best outside hitter, who was not in good condition due to pain similar to lumbar disc herniation, played as a substitute on this day as well.

Jeon Gwang-in, who has both offensive and receiving abilities, often hit his opponents against the wall due to his injuries.

As the left wing was virtually out of sync, Korea's attack lost balance.

Korea failed to block Pakistan's attack even once until the second set of the day, thereby bringing on itself a poor performance.

Meanwhile, he contributed 8 points to Pakistan blockers.

Coach Lim Do-heon expressed regret, saying, “Our players have a lot to improve, including basic defense.”

The 2023-2024 professional volleyball season, isolated from the ‘frog in the well’, opens on October 14 in a heavy atmosphere.

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