All SW features migrated EXCEPT:

- canopy

- visual effects (smoke exhaust etc.)

- XBOX and aviators liveries


- Additional option added for HMD - TrackIR, it has limitations like no targets designation and does not fade out when you look on the panels

- LSO onscreen indication appear when landing runway selected through ATC menu and tailhook deployed (works with any runway but not moving carrier yet)

- static "boat" carrier added for experimental purpose

Issues fixed:

- launch interrupted by afterburner toggle, issue seem to be deep inside in the game code so not able to fix it. workaround - during launchbar connection throttles will be locked at 0% position.

- ships altitude fixed

Known issues:

- moving carrier can't have ILS or even selected by ATC menu (for OLS appearance)

- moving carrier disappears (being teleported to initial location) if you fly away from carrier spawn point about 200km, even if carrier itself was near to you at this moment