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BUOOOOOOOGIOOOORNNOOOOOO GUYS!!!! My name is Igor and i'm from Venice Italy ! I m a local guide and a incoming travel agent based in Italy. As this 2020 we went from 30 million tourists in Venice to zero ... i don't have anything to do ! I decided to spend my time, promoting Venice via instagram, and other social medias, supporting my artisans friends that produce glass sculpture or paper mache masks, or prosecco wine ! I you would like to support the channel i do offer

- live zoom tours of venice 

- live zoom wine tastigns

- live zoom chats about italy 

- live zoom chats in italian for those that are learning the language  

- live zoom travel consultants 

Plus i created some special merchanding to promote Italy ! 

I m Italian and to be awake and "normal" i need around 10 coffees a day ahhhhh ! Buy me a coffee it will be a big thanks !!! 

Grazie mille 

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Era da tanto che non andavo al cinema a vedere un film così bello come Venice Gondola Tour! Un caffè per te e uno per il grande Said 🙏

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hi....miss Italy and your hospitality!!

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A coffee for you, but together!!!! I wait for you 

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Igor, I'm glad to buy you a cup of coffee, and some for your friends! Ciao and God bless.

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