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Hey, I'm developing as a tool to help game masters in fantasy role-playing games inject variety and life into their worlds. 

Fantasy town generator: 

  • Generates full, realistic settlement maps.
  • Generates a realistic town population, with jobs and physical descriptions. 
  • Provides an interactive map that allows you to find the name of buildings, the people who are currently there, shop inventories, and more! 
  • Lets you simulate the town hour-by-hour, moving the population around. 
  • Settlements are saved, so you can come back to them at later sessions.

This project came about from my experience as a dungeon master running a dungeons and dragons campaign. I found that many villages and towns that my players ended up in only had a handful of NPCs, making settlements feel a bit devoid of life. This is because coming up with all the NPCs that make up a settlement is a lot of work, and so I'd only bother preparing NPCs that the players were likely to interact with. When my players surprised me and I needed to generate NPCs on the fly I would struggle to come up with someone who feels like a natural part of the world. With these characters, players may want to know where they live, what they do, what family do they have, etc. With these random NPCs, it can be difficult to remember all their details for the next session. 

The website is in active development, and buying me a coffee will help me keep the servers running. Any questions or comments please email me at [email protected]