So Toy Artists NET is growing magnificently and we could not be happier with our first year - thank you all so much! We put a post on Instagram recently asking us if we should press on with growing Toy Artists NET and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It has been a tough first year because of all the obvious reasons in the world right now, but also the compounded problem of money which was even harder to find for everyone as things slowly but surely came back to normal in the bigger world. We are NOT in a unique situation by any stretch of the imagination so are even more grateful for everyone who stepped up to help us do what we do.

In the interests of transparency we want you to know that we received £849 in donations in 2021 and EVERY SINGLE coffee bought made a difference.

Acting on advice from a few friends and supporters we have now added Memberships which work in a similar way to Patreon - you can pay a monthly or annual fee to help keep us going. We will add more and more content as we get more and more time, this is created by your donations via one off payments or regular membership payments.

Thank you all so much - and if you have ANY ideas or suggestions please get in touch.