Big watchlist today, lots of potential! Should be a fun lotto friday! Be patient and stay nimble and have a great weekend!

$TSLA been on a roll along with the market. 8 day green streak yesterday. Still has room to $1050 today. Downside room to $975.

$NVDA crazy strength yesterday. Still has room to $285 then $300. Downside levels $278.9 and $269.50.

$GME nice push into the close yesterday to end the day green. Room to wednesday's high of $151 then $161 and $165.50. Let's see if we can get a crazy lotto friday!

$NIO pulling a bit on earnings. If $21 can't reclaim and hold, room down to $20.50, $20 and $19.30. Otherwise $21.35, $22.12, $23 on the upside

$UNH new all time highs yesterday. Worth a watch as this stock tends to get a little crazy on lotto fridays.

$TLRY pot stocks squeezing. Over $8.50, has room to $9-10 area. Could get wild today.