Happy lotto Friday! Been a great week so far with all this range so don't push it! Will look for some strength on the market bounce before chasing anything long. Will be patient and wait for pullbacks.

$BTC nice bounce off the lows. Has room to bounce to $32000-33000

$TSLA gapping up nice with the market and news that Elon has halted the $TWTR acquisition to get more information on fake accounts. Room to bounce to $810 then $845. Need to be patient with the market to see if the bounce can sustain.

$SHOP strength yesterday on news that the CEO bought $10M. Will look for some continuation today, room back to $385 then $405. Market needs to cooperate.

$GME memes got some big squeezes yesterday. Couple volt halts on $GME, first time in forever it feels like. Will look for some continuation today back to $110 if the market cooperates.