Hope you had a good long weekend! Market gapping up this morning. We'll see if its strong enough to have continuation. Lot's of room up if it can. Will look for some beaten down tech stocks to get bought up if we get continuation.

$BTC flirting with the $20,000 and $21,000 levels. Briefly broke $20000 over the weekend but has since been holding it. If it holds, we can get to $23,000. Otherwise re-test the $17600 from the weekend

$TSLA h pattern on the daily, not a good look, but holding the low for now, gapping up with the market. Room to $688 and $706 this week if the market holds up. $620 then $600 on the downside.

$NVDA triple bottom on the daily, gapping up with the market. Room to $169.50 on a bounce if the market holds up. Otherwise, re-test the lows, $153 then $150.

$GME nice day on Friday, above daily EMAs again. Worth a watch to re-test the $152 level this week if it can get going. Then $160 and then $190. Keep an eye on volume.