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Hey, 👋 I am Yash Roongta. I am a CFA and FRM holder.

I have been working as an automation and investment compliance consultant to Aviva Investors for the last 4 years. I consider this role as the best of both worlds to experiment "Finance + Tech" 👌

I was recently trying to leverage my python skills in the 2020 Lockdown and learning how to trade using python or how to create tools that can analyze tons of data for me using python and I have had some experience in doing that now - but I was astounded by the lack of content on this topic for traders in India. 🤨

Every youtube channel, every blog out there is focusing on creating tools for traders in the US and UK and I have decided to do something about it. 😋

Over the next few months, I will be developing a full series of blogs/videos where we will discuss various technologies and learn python from the perspective of analyzing/trading.

I had love to get in touch with you if you have any feedback for me or any suggestions on what content to create next.

Do consider supporting as that would encourage me for the time I am putting into this. ☕☕☕