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Hey There. If you've made it this far I have to believe you're a YouTube creator most likely from the world of Health & Fitness and perhaps having trouble getting your channel to that "next level". First of all welcome and THANK YOU for your support of the Fitness Marketing Hub channel.  In case we've never spoken to one another ny name's Regan Rogerson and im the Creative Director for 208 Media Inc in Toronto. My entire adult life I have worked in health and fitness marketing/branding with many of the top personal trainers in our industry. I've also had the good fortune to have worked various nutrition brands such as muscle tech, Hydroxycut, Xenadrene, Six Star Pro, Fusion Muscle as well as equipment brands such as Body-Solid, Fitness Depot, Fitness Source and Musclemag. 

About 2 years ago I fell in love with YouTube and it became a passion project I simply couldn't get enough of. I loved the freedom of creating fitness content the way I saw fit as both a personal trainer, gym owner and content creator. The project quickly became a viable business and within 18 months my OTHER channel TrainerHub is now the equivalent of a pretty solid full time income.

That led me to launch Fitness Marketing Hub which I am using as a portal to share my own growth strategies and assist people just like you in turning your passion plays into careers or at the very least an awesome residual income. There's no secret formula here...I dont play those games. This requires alot of work, planning and strategy to properly set up your brand for success. but the nice part is we love it so it doesn't seem like work at all! :-) 

Anyhow bottom line is I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to supporting you all any way I can...lets do this!!