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Jun 21, 2021

Danger? 1-minute.

Malcolm Gladwell's Blink began with the story of how a group of art historians intuited a statue was fake, upon first sight. 

The statue, claimed to be more than 2000 years old, was to be acquired by the Getty Museum for USD7 million. The museum went ahead with the purchase after the statue passed the various scientific tests, only to realize much later how the stone could have been faked to pass the required tests. 

Today, forces are at play in our environment that threaten to tear a thing, anything, one believes in into either of two corners: absolutely right, or totally wrong. 

It takes effort to stay open to inputs from the highly "noisy" environment. Of course, the easier route would be one's first impulse - shut out all the noise. 

However, that will close out a host of high value inputs like: new growth opportunities, feedbacks/complaints for improvement, buy-in to step by step changes in environment, and, even, shouts for help where one's able to contribute.

Before saying no to whatever get past the screens, at least listen to the whole story to learn something new, and spotting the red flags can also be such. These are danger signals that scream:

1.input is harmful to health/Life.

2.presenting party's name-calling (hinting of hate agenda?)

3.fakery, disguised as win-win justice, fairness or justified, that cries on behalf of a hidden hand profiting from the publicity.

Beyond the playing field of the schools, the world has become a playground for the wave after wave of adults with overactive minds. 

Listen/watch to understand why I say so! 1-minute.

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