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May 17, 2021

Finale? 1-minute.

Death is a wake-up call for the Living. There's no wriggling or wrangling out of this end when the body's Main Systems shutdown. It's final. 

Recently, heard of an ex-colleague who had passed on peacefully in his sleep. About one's age. And one wondered what were some of the unfinished business he might

have considered doing if he had woken up that morning? 

What would be at the top of one's list, one ruminates now, before then? 

World peace? But how? Everyone is going at each other's throat over the smallest of infractions and it's never easy when people's minds are set. Too lofty an ideal for a mere human anyway. Let God handle that. 

Family's well-being? The issue of money for the family to live on, without skipping a beat in quality of Life,  when the head of the family passes...

For a family with meager means, that is no small feat. And that is the main reason one has to live on until all the commitments are settled. 

Until then, one is not qualified to die. 

But then, what about those so rich they could feed a country for two generations? Their roles are just as important. For the peace of the land depends on their wisdom or their greed. 

Each Life, therefore, has a purpose, big or small. The ones creating problems for others will be dealt with by society, sooner or later. 

The ones who live and leave in Peace are God's Messengers of Peace.  

Listen to/watch a tribute to one such Messenger! 1-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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