Fly? 2-minute.

New discoveries will only come from the fringe players. 

There is a fear in big groups that prevents

discovery of the new. Everyone in the groups is busy chasing the bosses' top agendas or risks the wrath of all for not playing with the team. 

Some bosses call it "looking busy rather than being productive" as everyone buries their heads in busy-work. 

Is it spawned by comfort of opulent surroundings, the trappings of wealth and power, this "complacency"?

Subtract something from Life today that one doesn't need. 

Life is rich enough with wondrous sights and dramas to see, stories, music and songs to hear, interesting things to work on plus time for rest and comfort. 

What's not needed are the "noises" that crowd themselves onto one's plate, into one's environment, thus trespassing into one's Life. 

Is there a situation where there are too many options? It is a good thing to train oneself to be decisive and adapt/adopt a formula for effective decision making. 

Reduce the clutter. Cutting out the unnecessary makes room for the new. 

Be brave to embrace the new. 

Listen/watch to see why it takes courage to Love! 2-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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