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Hard Knocks?

Hard Knocks?

Aug 26, 2021

Hard Knocks? 1-minute.

Is forethought trained or inborn?

One always remembers the gracious host whose forethought amazes one.

More accurately, touches one to the core with the detail of care taken. Till it makes one feel mom's presence. 

Because there are very few people like that, encountered, so few one can count them on the fingers of one hand. 

One keeps learning in Life. And observing. The consummate host is always one who'd come through rough times. Whether as a child or in a phase of Life where the hard knocks made an indelible impression. 

The Yin and Yang of Life coming together, one inviting the other. The hard Yang experiences precede the softness of the Heart, Yin? 

Listen/watch to know the secret of women leadership (or why women are leading developed countries?)! 1-minute.

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