Irresponsible? 1-minute.

Everyone believes each of them is doing good work daily.

Everyone believes they're putting in the effort.

Everyone without exception? Well, maybe we should exclude those with a strong conscience. They cannot stand lying to the smallest degree.

When two parties see the figure 6 from different points of view, one calls it a 9 and the other disagrees, that's the feeling I want to portray here.

No one is absolutely right in the above case. Life's like that. This difference in perspective is a constant source of frustration in modern living.

# A teacher's peeve with a student's inability to catch a learning point.

# A political follower's rising anger while reading a post of a rival party's claim of injustice.

# A friend trying to explain in different ways a religious stand to another of a different faith who keeps on arguing against the point.

#A supervisor for the umpteenth time correcting a subordinate's mistakes at work in exasperation.

#A sibling's head shaking, incredulous rants against the seemingly irresponsible behaviors of a family member.

(All of the above and vice versa)

Often upon going into the details of these situations, one uncovers reasons that explain what seems so unreasonable. To the extent that one can sympathize with the supposed perpetrator. Although on the surface, they appear to be the troublemakers.

Such explanations are beyond us mortals why each is going through the torturous anguish of such experiences.

The work of taking the trouble to understand another's Life situation is Compassion.

Aren't there bigger issues we have to worry about other than what clothes to wear, food to eat, time for some leisure?

Listen/watch to CARE and put things in perspective! 1-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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