Jewel? 2-minute.

Has Western TV and movie culture detrimentally adulterated our Nature-loving Eastern ways? Life as we knew it before is no more...

Growing up in the black-and-white TV era, one was fascinated with learning English from watching programs that were wholesome and rich with family values. 

Gradually, with names like Solid Gold and MTV (the on-screen precursors of soft and hardcore porn), elements of sex, graphic violence, fast-paced animation and mind-numbing music crept in: additionally channeled through VHS tapes on video players. 

Then, the internet like a slowly bursting dam, first in trickles and rivulets. Eventually, torrents of filthy and violent contents flooded the senses of expectant and unsuspecting adolescence and all types of adults, young and inexperienced to middle aged and beyond: at first through computers, and subsequently all manners of mobile-friendly devices.   

The senses were tantalized and vandalized: from eyeballs to loins. Leading to loss of self-respect of the sacred beings in humans. 

Shaken to the core, confusion and  misunderstanding reigned in many a home. The decadent ways and lifestyles have become news, entertainment, edutainment and, even, education of trendfollowing societies. Needless to say, substances, drugs, gambling and the fleshtrade (plus anything addictive to human senses) benefitted immensely from the captive audience. 

Once imported from the West, the more advanced among Easterners have become trendsetters with spin-offs of their own creations within their own communities now; no longer solely reliant on the Mecca of the West.

Thus, the man-made ocean of artificial enjoyments of the senses grows as a function of endless human greed. Powerful indeed, turbocharged by the chase for fun and purported happiness.

No one swims in a stormy ocean, and floats in Peace. Storms created by their Masters to shake things up or rake in profits from stakes of unsuspecting victims. 

Life's mysteries make it all the more interesting if not for the heartbreaks and damages inflicted upon the (bankrupted or no longer alive) poor victims and their families. 

Listen/watch to realize the Crown Jewel! 2-minute.

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