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Mutant Variant?

Jul 22, 2021

Mutant Variant? 2-minute.

My late mom used to like to retell a story from her childhood. Of how an acquaintance was kidnapped by other beings. 

I can still remember the horrific part of the story. Though the rest of it is now unclear. What remained was the part where these beings fed noodles to the friend. Whom when awakened discovered the noodles were wriggly worms! 

As the worst plandemic pushes and heaves, and the world teeters on the brink of calamitous economic disaster, one gets a dejavu sense of being caught between the real and unreal. 

Is it all just a bad dream? Will one wake up soon to discover that all the horrors were just make-believe stuff(?)... projected into a virtual reality program?

And one was a lucky Experiencer of one such project. 😝

Human greed has certainly come to a head when fear has become the weapon of choice. Why does one say this?

The ominous signs are all there: the ultrarich think they own the world...

1.plandemic: with mutant variant, no cough,  no fever. Directly from a film producer's playbook. 

2.HK riot/Middle East wars etc. 

3.biowarfare evidences 

4.ivermectine farce vs vaccination push

5.clueless lockdowns

6.playacting of the West

7.East and West powerplays

8.listen: impotent international body acting in the interest of their biggest patrons

9.obey: stampeding herd manipulated by mass media (controlled by unseen puppeteer) passport: who's playing big brother? Who's the the bully now?

Prior to the lockdowns, the world's masses had experienced what real convenience is like with technology. In many countries, the big question is, will those times ever come back? 

Listen/watch to see what True Love looks like! 2-minute.

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