Sep 28, 2021


Superior? 2-minute. world is a manifestation of the many forms of The Divine. Therefore, to never be surprised by one's experiences is one of the first signs that one has accepted The Divine in all things. It's comical to see people who think themselves superior to others. If not for the tragic pain caused by such snobbery, one would think this is The Divine's sense of humor showing through... more

Sep 27, 2021


Mercilessly? 1-minute. one door closes, another door opens. When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The people who appear in our Lives are meant to play a part in our learning evolution. We may hate some or love others, but every each one evokes that emotion(s) necessary for our progress, if we are able to take the hint. There are the ones who make us upset with their tone or words.... more

Sep 26, 2021


Losers? 2-minute. is moving from dreams of the night to the dreams of the day. One is not within our control, the other we believe we can control... We have seen how good listeners make good use of information they received and do well in their undertakings. They do ask probing  questions to help them make sense of things as well. One learns in Life from mistakes that circumstances force onto... more

Sep 23, 2021


Hardier? 2-minute. easy connectivity today, are we more able to resolve Life issues today compared to the people of yesteryears before the advent of smartphones and the internet? People have gotten more street-smart,  no doubt. Multiskilled and with higher level of health consciousness even. Also, more concerned about inconsequential things like every type of comparisons against another person... more

Sep 22, 2021


Fragile? 1-minute. are not worth a cent, as fragile as the paper they're printed upon. Yet see what monuments mankind have made out of them. There is a lesson here to be learned, that that thing deemed worthless, thought, seen and treated so, becomes thus. And vice versa. Life is fluid like that. Or should one say, Life metamorphoses according to treatment? Treat a thing or a person... more

Sep 21, 2021


Circle? 1-minute. one-eyed person is King until the two-eyed one is found. That's the way of the world.People all over the globe are selling their formula of how to make it to the top. In any area of Life you care to name, there are a bunch of Masters. Today's message is for the one who has gotten weary of following such people around.Life is a game. Play it. Take care of yourself and... more

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