Superior? 2-minute.

The world is a manifestation of the many forms of The Divine. 

Therefore, to never be surprised by one's experiences is one of the first signs that one has accepted The Divine in all things. 

It's comical to see people who think themselves superior to others. If not for the tragic pain caused by such snobbery, one would think this is The Divine's sense of humor showing through these clowns. 

Ego is born from the overuse of the mind where it's not needed. Especially today where triggers are many: visual and auditory.

One observes the way people reach for their phones, to play, to work, to chat. Engaging with the phone is just a physical manifestation of the phenomenon that is the restless mind. 

The mind wants to be occupied with something to do. There can be any number of reasons for this. This constant agitation is the main reason why the many humans worship many forms, even as they profess faith in the formless... 

Listen/watch to find the good in that piece of info! 2-minute.

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